Marc McDermott

Marc McDermott is an entrepreneur and investigative genetic genealogist known for founding Clickstream Media and his dedicated work at Genealogy Explained.

Founder of Clickstream Media, an Online Digital Media Company

Marc is the founder of Clickstream Media, an online digital media company that manages a focused portfolio of websites. Clickstream Media is dedicated to generating valuable consumer content, aiming to connect businesses with their target audiences. Through strategic content creation and audience targeting, the company effectively bridges the gap between companies and potential customers, ensuring each website under its umbrella is a vital link in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Genealogy Educator, Author, and Investigative Genetic Genealogist at Genealogy Explained

Marc is an educator, author, and investigative genetic genealogist at Genealogy Explained. His website serves as a beacon for “weekend-warrior genealogists,” offering them the tools and knowledge to navigate their ancestral roots easily and enthusiastically. McDermott’s approach is rooted in the belief that learning about genealogy should be informative and engaging, employing various visual aids to simplify complex concepts.

Marc is also an expert in investigative genetic genealogy, a cutting-edge field that combines traditional genealogical research with DNA analysis to help solve cold cases. This innovative technique combines modern science with genealogical techniques to assist law enforcement in solving cold cases, including those involving violent crime and unidentified human remains.

Investigative Genetic Genealogist at the DNA Doe Project

Marc is an investigative genetic genealogist at The DNA Doe Project, a non-profit that combines DNA analysis with genealogical research to help solve cold cases by identifying unidentified human remains. This effort restores names to those once nameless, bringing closure to their families and communities.